Video Tips for Pathology Viva part of Second Professional Exam

PLATFORM Presents Comprehensive video guideline for MBBS series.

An importance wise organization of the study material for pathology viva..Hope that helps..Thanks to Sakia Haque for shooting the video, and my friends Animesh Kundu Anim and Imran Ali for their help..Stay tuned for more videos.

Some tested tips for better viva preparation and outcome…Hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

And more to come regularly for Platform.
This is an endeavour to provide a comprehensive guideline for undergraduate medical students of Bangladesh.. The video series will contain tips for overall preparation strategies for all professional exams in pre-prof period; subject and topic specific discussion, procedures of physical exams and models of history taking and presentations; easy explanation of tough but clinically relevant concepts and much more..Hope that it helps all of you..Please give feedback on how to improve my videos and don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my Channel..Wish you all good luck.

(Dr. Shariful Halim has remarkable academic execellence in Undergradute level, completing his MBBS from DMC with 4th in First professional exam, 1st in Second professional exam, 2nd in Final Professional exam)

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