Community Medicine written 2nd prof (July, 2014) suggestion

Writer: Ismot Alo (Ex. Lecturer Z.H Sikder Womens Medical College)

COMMUNITY MEDICINE Prof written Suggession: 


Def of community,,public health,hygiene
Changing concept of public health
Diff betw & clinical medicine
Preventive medicine
Spectrum of disese
Iceberg phenomenone
Health care provide at Community clinic
Subjective component of well being
How evaluate physical health
What do u mean by risk approch
How will u prevent disease at different level
Identify the Disease of social origine
Natural history
Changing concept of health
What is disease control level of prevention with ex biomedical concept of health
AGENT resposible for disease causation
Describe Multifactorial causation,Epidemiological traid
What is self care,Room in
Clss disease
Disese cycle
Type of learning.factor influencing learning
Ex of condition affecting learnung
State domain of learning
Level of intelligence
Diff type of personality
Calculate IQ
Leadership: Def, type
Charecteristic of good leader
Doctor patient relationship
Stage of adopting new idea
What is BCC
Data : Def,type,source
Geographical presentation of data
Method of collection of data
Variable def,type
Clss sampling for data collection with ex
Measure of central tendency
Measures of dispersion
Def Sampling ,method of sampling
Calculate standard deviation
Calculate prevelance,proportion
Major component of vital statistic
Aim of epidemiology,tool of measuremnt use in epidemiology
Role of mass media in health education
Communication method use in health education
What are the stage of adaptation of new concept in HEALTH EDUCATION?
Role of school health medical officer in school health
Character of ideal health care
Common child healthproblem
Principle of health education
Component of communication
Social equity of PHC
Healthfull school environment
Green house effect,list green house gas
Global warming consequence & reduction strategy
Harmfull effect of noise on health & its control
Flow chart to findout outcome of tobaco consumption
How x-ray techniic protection from Radiation hazard
How coal miner prevented from anthocosis
What is fermers lung,Arsenicosis
Role of Healthfull Housing in healthy life
Water borne disease clss & prevention
3 insect prevelance in BD &Disease cause by them
Water born disease preveling among slum
Reservior of infection for human
Distinguis feature among diffrnt type of rodent
Breakpoint chlorination
DISEASE TRANSMITTED by contaminated water
How water can be purified in flood affected area
Method of disposal of Refuse …
Health problems in agricultural worker with prevention & protective measure
Occupational hazard of agriculture worker
List occupational health hazard.what are the measure to prevent them
PHC Def,principles,component
Health related goal of MDG,concept of MDG
Health care Delivery system in BD
Rferral system in BD
Duties of civil surgeon & UH &FPO
Prevention & control measure of:

Twin pillar of filariasis elimination
Ongoing prog of filariasis control
Preventive measure of scabis

function & activity of :

Role of WHO in health development
Role of health related international NGOs inBD
Arthopode borne disese : clss & principles of control
How arthopode borne disease transmitted
List water borne water borne disease can be prevented
Discuss general principle of mosquito control at urban area
Why organochlorine compound isnt suitable for larvicide operation
Mosquito borne disese
Disease transmitted by Sand fly ,control of sand fly
Biological transmission of vector borne disease
STERILIZATION clss with ex
Contraindication & complication of immunization
Cold chain, Herd immunity,NID,Ring immunity
Clss Vaccine,contraindication of live vaccine
Clss immunity,state diffence mechanism
How will individual response to an antigen when introduce for the 1st time
Cold chain system at diffrnt level of health care service
EPI schedule
Immunity schedule for month of reproductive age against TT
How high FERTILITY can reduce from BD
Antenatal & postnatal activity
Compication during post natal period
Outline of prenatal service of multiparous women of 40yr
Antenatal visit
INVESTIGATION done during antenatal visit
List the High risk children
Who consider as high risk mother
Health protection measure during pregancy
LBW : def, cause & prevention
State exclusive Breast feeding
Disadvantage of Artificial feeding..
Clss Contraceptive method
Complication of OCP
What do u mean by eligible couple & target couple
Control of cervical cancer in rural setting
Managemnt plan for vaginal discharge at PHC center
What is CPR?
Complication of IUCD & MR
Def of family planning
Influencing factor of high riskfertility in BD
Def & Cause of high risk MMR,IMR
Vitamine def & clss
Irone +iodine+calcium func & deficiency
Thiamin deficiency disorder
Role of dietary fibre
Func of Fat & CHO
Disease association of high fat intake
PEM : clssification. How nutritional status of rural satate can be asses?
Measure for prevention & control of PEM
Prevention of nutritional blindness
stage of xeropthalmia
Diff betw kwashiorkor & marasmus
describe :

Prevention &control of LATHYRISM
Food adultaraion

DISESTER: def,clss
Health problem due to disester
Effect of natural disester on human health
Disester preparedness & response program in BD
Clss domestic will u prevent them
Preventive measure of household accident
Preventive measure of RTA
Basic step ofCASE control & COHORTstudies
Diff bet case control & cohort
Advantage & disadvantage of case control & cohort
Why cohort is more valid than case control
Type with ex of epidemics
Clss of epiodemiological method
Disease prevention & control
dynamic of disease transmission
Prevention & control of leprosy
prevention & controle of TB
What is DOTS ,Stratagies of DOTS
Risk factor of Non- communicable with ex
Preventive measure of non communicable disease
Menifestation & Preventive measure of :
IHD, D.M,rheumatic fever,RHD
Complication of measles,pertusis , mumps,diphtheria & rubella

Complication ,management, Control & preventive measure of:

A health personal expose accidentally to HBV infection ,what measure will you suggest for immediate
Preventive measures of Teniasis,ascariasis,hookworm,enterobious

MALARIA control measure
Prevention & management of Diarrhoeal disease
How ICDDRB help to control diarrhoea
Sanitation easure to control cholera

Risk factor + S/S +prevention & control of:

Disipline in ife for management of most non communicable disease

How water can be purified on an individual or domestic scale
Effect of poor housing
How community can perticipate in health delivery
Life cycle as determinant cancer
Component of ESP. Disease appropriate technology
Def & clss demografy
State of demografic transition
Epidemiological traid regarding accident with ex
Activity of DAB,BRACK
Role of international health agencies In health care servies of BD
Equitable distribution of health service
Factor influencing industerial accidents
Discuss community perticipation
How water can be purified on an individual or domestic scale
What is sickness absenteesm
What do u mean by global warming/? Role of green house gas on it
Discuss on climate change & health impact in BD
Imp of audiovisual aid with its class
How personality of an individual is dev

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