Writer: Ismot Alo (Ex. Lecturer Z.H Sikder Womens Medical College) COMMUNITY MEDICINE Prof written Suggession: INTRODUCTION:Def of community,com.med,public health,hygieneChanging concept of public healthDiff betw com.med & clinical medicinePreventive medicineSpectrum of diseseIceberg phenomenone Health care provide at Community clinic Subjective component of well being How evaluate physical health What do u mean […]

Platform of Medical & Dental Society

Platform is a non-profit voluntary group of Bangladeshi doctors, medical and dental students, working to preserve doctors right and help them about career and other sectors by bringing out the positives, prospects & opportunities regarding health sector. It is a voluntary effort to build a positive Bangladesh by improving our health sector and motivating the doctors through positive thinking and doing. Platform started its journey on September 26, 2013.

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