Biochemistry written 1st prof (July, 2014) suggestion

Writer: Ismot Alo (Ex. Lecturer Z.H Sikder Womens Medical College)

BIOCHEMISTRY Written prof Suggession:

Def enzyme,give imp properties of enz
Class enz according to RIB clssification with ex
clss enz acc to IUB clssification with ex
Clss enz acc to IUBMB with ex
Explain the effect of PH,Temp,substrate concentration on enz action.
What is Km,what is PH
Def different buffer with ex
Name blood buffer
Basic mechnism of buffer action
SHOW with equation how buffer act
Factor affecting enz action.what is enz inhibition,give its ex
Def crystaloid & colloid with ex
Diff betw crystaloid & colloid
Name soe blood crystalloid
What is dyaisis,what is Gibbs Donnan equilibrium
Def normal solution,molar solution,osmolar solution
Name crystaloid & colloid in biological fluid
NAME the process by which crystalloid are transport through cell mem
Ennumarete the transport process across the cell membrane with ex
Def & clss active transport with ex
Diff bet active & passive trans/secondary active transport & facillated diffusion
Na+k+ PUMP

Def & clss monosaccharide with ex
Def & clss carbohydrate
Give the imp of/Function of:
Pentose sugar
Diff betw starch & glycogen

How peptide bond form
structure of protein with ex(D/L)
What do u mean by quartenary structure of protein
What do u mean by essential & non essential protein with ex
Clss amino acid,give the chemistry of amino acid
Give the isoelectric point of protein
Name 5 imp protein with function

Def & clss lipid with ex
Name blood lipid with normal level
Clss lipoprotein
Clss fatty acid with ex
Def&clss complex lipid
ROLE of HDL cholesterol & LDL cholesterol
Imp of phospholipid,cholesterol
Def ecosanoid with ex
Name essential fatty acid ,why they called so? with func
Biological imp of free fatty acid
Justify cholesterol is a lipid
Structure of lipoprotein

What is beta oxidation of fatty acid? Show the flow chart of beta oxidation
How fatty acid catabolized by beta oxidation,show pathway
Calculate the ATP generation by complete oxidation of palmitic acid
Calculate energetics of beta oxidation of a 20 carbone fatty acid
Calculate the ATP generation by complete oxidation of stearic acid
Pathway of production of ATP from palmitic acid
What are the essential fatty acid
Citric acid cycle
Why TCA cycle called amphibolic pathway
Why TCA cycle called common metabolic pathway of metabolism
Flow chart of TCA cycle WITH site of energy generation
Name the anabolic pathway of CHO
Source +fate of Acetyl COA
Def of:
Pathway of aerobic & anaerobic glycolysis
How glycolysis can be inhibited in Vivo & vitro
How glucose converted to lactate
Name the inhibitor of glycolysis with imp
Hormonal influence on glycogenolysis
Mention the difference of glycogenolysis in liver & muscle
Lactic acid cycle
Name of lipoprotein with site of synthesis & func
How pyruvate converted to Acetyl COA
Def transamination & deamination
Def +type with ex of nitrogen balance
HMP shynt

Name digestive juice with PH
Name major component of gastric juice
Func of of HCL
Name enz for fat digesion
Dig & abs of dietary fat,end product of fat digesion
Name pancreatic enz ,name local hormone act on pancrease
CHO spliting enz of GIT
DIGESION &end product of Rice
How proteolytic enz of gastric juice is activated
Absorbtion of glucose from GIT
Role of bile salt in fat digesion &abs


What are the bichemical test done in hepatic disease,write down interpretation each of them
Name commonly done liver function test with interpretation
Biochemical test in different jaundice
What are the laboratory test for different jaundice
Normal level of bilirubin
Quality control,plasma clearance,cytokine,cAMP
Name the sample that are analysed in biochemistry lab
What change occure in blood sample if it kept for long time without processing before analysis
How hemolysis of of blood sample is prevented
What are the enz elevated in Myocardial infraction
Procedure & interpretation of OGTT
Acromegaly ,Cushing syndrome,Diabetes incipidus
Diff betw diabetes mellitus & diabetes incipidus
Form of Ca+ in blood,which form of Ca+ is active
LABORATORY finding of hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism
Hormonal change in hypothyroidism


Def + ex & basic chemistry of:
Nucleic acid
Give the diff betw DNA &RNA
Raw material for translation ,ex of post translational covalent modification
Recombinant DNA technology
Def nitrogenous base & neucleoside.imp of neocleosides
Post translational modification
Draw the watson crick model of DNA ,
write organisation of DNA in chromosome
Type & func of RNA ,D/L structure of tRNA
WHAT do u mean central dogma
Gene expression
Step of bio cloning
Restriction endoneuclease
Compare betw leading & lagging strand
Step of replication
Def +clss+ex of genetic disorder
Salvage pathway f neucleotide with func
Metaphase chromosome
Source of atom in purin ring
Name purine & pyrimidine base
Def :
Molecular biology
Reverse transcriptase ,
Locas ,phenotype,Genotype,Allelle
Describe Post transcriptional modication
Post transcriptional modification of newly synthesized m RNA& RNA
Building block of RNA & DNA
Requirment of traNslation ,how newly synthesized protein is modified after translation
Genetic code
Def & clss with ex of Autosomal disorder
State the Mendelian law
Give the karyotype of:
1)Down syndrome
2)turner syndrome
3)klinfelter syndrome

Cell cycle

Def & clss vitamin
Name the vitamins concerned with release of energy
Name the haemopoietic vitamis with source
Name the antioxident vitamin with their source,why they called so?
Name the endogenously synthesized vit & co-enzyme derieved from B-group vit
Name fat soluble & water vit,why they called so?
Name the vit that form coenzyme to help CHO metabolism
Biochemical reaction in which vit B1 plays its vital role in energy releasing
Give the mechanism of action & deficiency disorder of ascorbic acid & folic acid & B1 with source
Briefly describe scurvy (feature of scurvy)
Function of ascorbic acid
Deficiency disorder of thiamin & niacin
Active form of fat soluble vit
Pernicious anaemia,visual cycle
Clss of minerals
Function & deficiency disorder of:
What is osmolar gap?cause & consequence of hypernatremia
Source & func of iron,factor influence iron absorption
Name the trace element,Micromineral,macromineral
Form of serum calcium with regulation
Source & func of K+ & IODINE
S.N; Colloid goiter, Iodine deficiency disorder,Iron deficiency anaemia
Def DRI, name the component of it, def RDA.
Def & clss malnutrition .name common nutritional disdorder of BD
Constitue of food.
Def & clss PEM,Diff bet kwashiorkor & marasmus
Why oedema occure in kwashiorkor
Def micro & macroneutrient with ex
What is balanced diet?mention its factor
Obesity ,BMR,SDA,BMI
Def food,nutrient,diet,balance diet
Name the proximate principles of food with their essential nutrient
Calculate energy requirmnt of medical student

What do u mean by wather turn over
Commonly analyzed electrolyte in ECF,how Na+ &k+ regulated
Name body fluid volume disorder,how ADH regulate/maintain body fluid volume
Def plasma clearance,renal threshold,transport maximum
How hyperglycaemia cause glycosuria
Why glycosuria occure in D.M
Osmolar gap,Anaion gap,water intoxication,Diuretics,obligatory urine volume
Role of kidney in regulation of acid base balance
Name common serum electrolyte & mention their referance value
Hormonal regulation of serum Na+ & k+
Ennumarate the fluid volume diorder,why childrn get quickly dehydrated than adult
Water intake output chart
CAUSES of isotonic flid contruction
How hypothalamus maintain body fluid osmotic balance after suddn increase in plasma osmolarity
Diff bet ECF & ICF
Diabetes incipidus

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