Physiology written 1st prof (July, 2014) suggestion

Writer: Ismot Alo (Ex. Lecturer Z.H Sikder Womens Medical College)
PHYSIOLOGY written Suggession:


Explain Negative feed back mechanism is benificial for regulating
normal body function.
Explain Positive feed back mechanism is harmful for body

Def of:
Resting membrane potential,Action potential ,
Haemostasis,membrane potential.

Mechanism of muscle contruction
Describe action potential with figure
What is platue.
How membrane potential is generated
D/L Action potential
D/L Action potential of Nerve fibre,ventricular muscle,
Process of conduction of impulse through nerve fibre
Describe Na+-k+ pump with its importance
List membrane trasport in our body

Diff between:
Active transport & passive transport
simple diffussion & active transport
Active transport & facillated diffusion

D/L cell membrane
Name membrane bound & non membrane bound organelle
Function of cell membrane protein,lipid & cell membrane

Normal value of platelet with function
what is Hemostasis,name its events
Role of platele in haemostasis
mechanism of formation of prothombine activator
Role of Ca+ in blood coagulation
why blood is not clot inside blood vessel,name some anticoagulant
what is coagulation
Mechanism of jaundice & acute renal shut down due to mismatch blood transfusion
Indication & hazard of blood transfusion

short note:
Erythroblastosis foetalis

What are the point should be consider before Blood Transfusion
Normal value of BT,CT, APTT,platelet count,prothombine time
def + clss Immunity
role of lymphocyte in cellular immunity
How cell mediate immunity produce

Def+clss anaemia changes of MCV,MCH,MCHC in diff anaemia
component of microcirculation
Mechanism of fluid exchange in microcirculatory bed
List life span of blood cell
Why reticulocyte called immature RBC
Def +factor of erythropoiesis
Morphology + fate of RBC
Differential count of WBC.
function of WBC, what is CHEMOSTAXIS
Describe Genesis of WBC
Fate of Hb


What is baroreceptor
role of baroreceptor in maintanance of blood pressure
Role of Renin angiotensine aldosteron mechanism in BP regulation
Role of Angiotensine II in arterial BP regulation
Def +clss with normal value of BP
Mechanism of BP regulation
D/L ECG ,What information we get from it
Effect of hyperkalaemia,MI,2nd degree heart block in ECG
Mode of trnsport of impulse through heart muscle with diagram
Properties of heart muscle
Refractory period
Heart rate
Frank sterling law & Fick principle
1st +2nd degree heart sound
Significants of P R intervale
AV nodal delay
Def +clss heart block
Def +clss shock,compansatory mechanism of hypovolumic shock
Mechansm of shock
Conductive tissue of heart

Name some vesoconstrictor +vesodilator.
changes occure in cardiac cycle

C.O & Cardiac index

Ventricular escape
Pressure +volume changes in cardiac cycle (Lf ventricular pressure changes)
Factor regulation of C.O, Calculate C.O
Isometric contruction


CO2 trasport
O2 transport
D/L & explain Oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve
Why is the curve shifted to the Rt due to increase Pco2,temp
Role of H+ & CO2 conc in regulation of resp
Chloride shift mechanism
Muscle of respiration
What is surfactant,what factor prevent collapse of lung
Lung function test
significants/func of FEV1 , V.C, Residual volume(normal value)
Lung volume + capacity with normal value
D/L spirogram
Def +exm+compansation of Resp acidosis & alkalosis
short note:
asphyxia + P50 +
Bohr effect + Inspiratory ramp signal
periodic breathing
pulmonary ventilation,Alveolar ventilation
Def vital capacity with normal value & factor

Def +clss hypoxia with their imp of o2 therapy
Resp centre with location
Describe various pressure change during quit breathing
Mechanism of respiration
Lung volume + capacity with normal value
D/L spirogram
def respiration..regulation of resp during excersise
Mechanism of normal inspiration,mention the pressure change in graph
Neural regulation of Respiration
diagram of various pressure change during quit breathing

GIT system:
What are the enzyme present in digestive juice
Name the proteolytic enzyme present in digestive juice
Name the enzyme present in pancreatic juice
Name the digestive juice with daily secretion
Mechanism of secretion & action of secretin
Mechanism of Gastric HCL acid secretion ,what is the role of H2 blocker in this secretion
Func +regulation+composition of saliva
Func of stomach + large intestine
Gastric emptying regulation
Compositione of bile, how bile help to fat digestion & absorbtion
Enterohepatic circulation of bile salt
Digesion of protein & starch (def digesion)…glucose absobsion from small intestine
SDA value of protein
Short note:
Alkaline tide
Defecation reflex
Phase of deglutation
BILE salt +chylomicrone

Movement of alimentary truct
BILE salt +chylomicrone
Local hormone of GIT with function & regulation
Regulation of pancreatic juice secretion


Def + hypothesis of Counter current mechanism
Genesis of hyperosmolar of medullary interstitium
Basic formation of formation of concentrated urine
Process of urine formation
How acidic urine form
Kidney excrete excess water by dilute urine
Describe obligatory & facultative urine volume
Micturation reflex + atonic bladder
Kidney function test
Water intake & output chart
Autoregulatio of renal blood flow
Mechanism of secretion of H+ & Reabsobption of HCO3 by renal tubule
How alkaline glomerular filtrate excreated as acidic urine
Function of kidney (endocrine function) & D/L nephrone, func of DCT
Def+clss of diuresis,diff between water & osmotic diuresis
What do u mean by generating new bicarbonate
How plasma volume measure
How ECF volume measure
Name & normal value of compartmnt of body
Imp of plasma colloidal osmotic pressure
Name the electrolyte present in ECF &ICF
Diff of ECF & ICF
HORMONE THAT regulate blood Ca+ conc
How parathormone regulate blood
How filtarion fraction calculated
D/L glomerular membrane
How effective filtration pressure created
What do u mean by creatinine clearance of 160ml
Def +factor +measuremnt of GFR
How renal clearance of substance calculated
Give the clearance value of Inuline,urea,creatinine

Short note:
renal threshold
Limiting PH
Tubular load
Plasma clearance
Plasma load
Renal clearance
Filtration fraction (CALCULATE NET filtration pressure in glomerulus)


NAME Ant pituitary hormone
Name stress hormone
Name hormone regulating blood calcium
Name hypothalamic releasing & inhibitory hormone
Def & clss of hormone
Name hormone that regulate blood sugar hormone
Enumarate the hormone that increase blood sugar
Mechanism of action of protein hormone
Mechanism of formation &secretion of thyroxin
Metabolic func of thyroid hormone
Step of biosynthesis of thyroid hormone with diagram
Regulation of ant pituitary
Ketogenic effect of growth hormone
How parathormone help to maintain normal blood Ca+ level
Effect of insuline lack on glucose & fat
Effect of lack of insuline in our body
Func of calcitonine
Short note
Cushing syndrom
Aldosterone escape

Func of growth hormone +GnRH
Name the hormone of diffrnt layer of adrenal cortex
Name the hormone that releasing of adrenal gland
Cellular mechanism of action of aldosterone
Renal & circulatory effect of aldosterone
FUNC OF CORTISOLE in stress & inflammation


Clss nerve fibre acc to conduction & velocity
How impulse transmitted through nerve fibre
Def &clss of sensory receptor
describe the properties of receptor
Def &clss reflex action with ex
Properties of reflex action
Def & clss synapse
Properties of synaps
Describe wallerian & retrograde degeneration
Def & ex of reflex & neurotransmitter
Name ascending & descending truct
Mention the system that pass through ant lat system
Trace the pathway of fine touch
Pathway of spinothaamic truct
Pathway of pyramidal truct
State dual transmission of pain signal into CNS
Pathway of test sensation,name the primary sensation of test with location
Function of pyramidal & extrapyramidal system
Diff between UMNL &LMNL
HOW differentiate action potential from receptor potential
Diff bet ion channel & second messenger system
ERROR CONTROL MECHANISM OF cerebellum/voluntary motor function
Clinical FEATURE of cerebellar lesion
Name test for detecting cerebellar lesion
What are the level of CNS function,give function of two different level
Short note:
Brown sequred syndrom
Fast pain & slow pain
Past pointing
Receptor potential
Layer of reina with figure
WHAT is muscle tone & muscle unit,how maintain muscle tone
D/L describe reflex arc of knee jerk
Second massenger system in the post synaptic neuron

NAME the photoreceptor with function
Ennumarate special sense with receptor
Trace the light reflex, Accomodation reflex
Trace visual pathway,effect of lesion at diffrnt level of visual pathway
Trace auditory pathway
Def +changes occure in accomodation reflex
What do u mean by direct & consensual light reflx
What is photopic & scotopic vission
Name +def +cause+corection of Refractive error of eye
Def sleep & sleep cycle,physiological change occure during sleep

Short note:
Dark adaptation
Binocular vission
Withdrawl reflex
Test bud
What do u mean by heart shape area of visual field with significants

DESCRIBE THE role of hypothalamus in regulation of body temp
How body temp regulate in warm climate
Process of heat loss from body
Process of heat gain in body
Normal value of temp
Heat stroke
Core & shell temp
What do u mean by hypothermic & poikilithermic


Secretory phase of endometrial cycle
State the diffrnt phase of menstrual cycle
Hormonal control of menstrual cycle
What do u mean by sex determination & sex differentiation
Function of testosteron
Down regulation
LH surge
Describe ovulation

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