Anatomy written 1st prof (July, 2014) suggestion

Writer: Ismot Alo (Ex. Lecturer Z.H Sikder Womens Medical College)
Written suggessions of ANATOMY :


Anterior & post relation of both kidney with draw&level
development of kidney
what are the developmental anomaly found in kidney (polycystic kidney disease)
step of dissection of kidney from back
draw & level Nephron with its parts & function
parts & development of nephron
Function of kidney
what type of organ is kidney & why
Why kidney ascend?

Urinery bladder & ureter:
Structure+dev+N/S of urinery bladder
def + derivatives of cloaca
length+course+constriction of ureter
derivaatives of mesonephric duct

B/S or circulation of spleen
function + type of organ
Red pulp +white pulp
draw & level circulation

structure+B/Sof testis
D/L structure of testis
Hormone release from testis
Blood testis barrier

D/L +structure+function of overy
D/L & structure of seminiferous tubule
structure,B/ of uterus
mode of blood supply of uterus

parts,B/S,L/D,N/S,HISTOLOGY of stomach
stomach bed
why lf vegus supply ant surface of stomach

parts,function,structure of G.B
pathway of bile
parts of extra & intra hepatic biliary apperatus
histolgical structure of liver with function
relation & clinical imp of Rt lat surface of liver
D/L ,structure of hepatic lobule

name the cell,structure & func of Islet of langerhance
B/S & relation of pancrease
dev of pancrease

Abdominal aorta
portosystemic anastomosis
portal vein
Diff between large & small intestine with B/S,structure & function
Region of abdomen
Inguinal canal details
Rectus sheath details

Def,boundary,content ,clinical importance of Intercostal space
D/L,formation, branch of Intercostal nerve
Def & clinical importance of bronchopulmonary segment
D/L Rt & Lf bronchopulpmonary segment
B/S,N/S,Dev of lung
prts/types , N/S,Dev of pericardium
situation,N/S,B/S,Func of conducting system of heart
Foetal circulation description & D/L
what r the change occure after birth in foetal circulation
How azygous vein formed,give its tributaries
dev & D/L of heart tube
D/L bronchial tree
sup mediastenum
pleural recess describe
name the epithelial cell present in bronchial tree
name the cell & function of alveolus (type I &Type II pneumocyte)
origine course,branch,distribution of coronery artery
dev of intraatrial septum
dev & interior of Rt atrium
Base of heart
S.A node
structure & function of thymus
origine,length,tributaries,termination,dev of SVC & IVC
Parts,dev,N/S of pleura


D/L mid brain at the level of sup & inf colliculus
D/L section of pons at the level of facial colliculi
D/L cerebrum at the level of basal ganglia
origine,pathway,function,lesion of pyramidal truct
origine,pathway,func,lesion of spinothalamic truct
structure &f unc of retina & cornea
visual pathway
parts of brainstem
Internal capsule
parts,B/S,histology & func of cerebellum
Refractive media of eyeball
clss & ex of white matter of cerebrum
A/s of spinal cord
describe facial nerve,occulomotor nerve,optic nerve
content of subarachnoid space
functional area of cerebrum with func & lession
CSF :D/L,circulation
D/L circle of willis with boundary & function
Balse palsy
how upper part of face scape in UMNL
D/L eyeball

Difference between:
Axon & dendrite
dorsal & ventral root of spinal nerve
sympathetic & parasympathetic

Clssification ,ex,structure of neuroglia
def & clss of nerve fibre
D/L .formation,functional component of spinal nerve
def,clss,ex of synaps
def,clss of receptor
duramatter details
clss of nervous system,Brain

Formation,A/S of lateral wall of nose
Formation & A/S of nasal septum
little area of nose & epistaxis

B/S,L/D,N/S,Dev of tongue
nerve supply of tongue on developmental background
congenital anomaly of tongue
Tongue tie

N/S,dev,congenital anomaly of face
N/S on dev background
dangerous area of face

location,parts,A/S,Histo of thyroid gland
Interior,N/S,cartilage of larynx
D/L of layer of scalp, danger area of scalp
parts,extension,N/S of pharynx
Auditory tube,palatine tonsile,
waldier ring
D/L,parts of lacrimal apparatus with pathway of tear
N/S + name of extra & intraoccular muscles
D/L tympanic membrane
Derivatives of pharyngeal arch,pouch,cleft

Describe 1st wk of development with D/L
describe 2nd wk of development With D/L
describe spermatogenesis & oogenesis
Formation,func,types of placenta
Amniotic cavity,umbilical cord
derivatives of mesoderm,ectoderm,endoderm
def of clevage,blastocyst,morula ,ovulation with D/L
def & site of fertilization,implantation
What is spermiogenesis

D/L Cell & cell membrane
fluid mosaic model
def,class,charecteristic of Epithelial tissue (example)
clss of connective tissue
Func of cell membrane,cell membrane protein & lipid
name membrane bound & non membrane bound organells
Ribosome,mitochondria,golgi apparatus,ER

Diff between :
mitosis & meiosis
epithelial & connective tissue
intramembranous & intracartilaginous joint
prim & second cartilaginous joint
different cartilage
cardiac,skeletal,smooth muscle

def,types,ex of epiphysis
describe synovial joint
describe haversian system
ex,charecteristics of diffrnt cartilage
def +clss of joint,synovial joint,fibrous joint
ccomponent of lymphatic system+ structure of lympnode
describe diff circulation
end artery :clss,ex


D/L brachial plexus
L/D,B/S,Structure of mammary gland
L/D of mammary gland with congenital anomaly
boundary +content of femoral triangel
formation,muscle involving,movement of ELBOW & shoulder joint,hip joint
def,muscle involving supaination & pronation
formation,maintanance of arch of foot
V/D of upper limb
cephalic vein,median nerve,radial artery,Sephanous vein
tendoachilis ,arteria dorsalis pedis
dermatome of upper limb
inguinal lymphnode
femoral nerve,sciatic nerve
L/D of L.L
V/D of L.L

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