FCPS 1,July 2015 Surgery, paper 1+3(topics)

courtesy: dr. z f Z.f. Akhi , RMC 49

Lesser sac,derivatives of 2nd pharyngeal arch,pectinate line, complication of total thyroidectomy,total ileictomy structure cutting during lumber incission to reach kidney … *regarding deltoid muscle *psoas major *axillary nerve injury *investigations done before breast surgery *thoracic duct *abdominal fasciaki *flexor of wrist joint *regarding smooth muscle *nerve supply of interrosseous muscle of hand *adductor canal

SBA Paper3 . 1.a pt of acute hmrgic shock having pH-7.2,HCO3-32,ANION gap-28,which is d causes
q.2.xmpl of type 4 hypersensitivity
q.3.which organ having d capability of regenerating without scarring?
q.4.organs r more susceptible to TB infection
q.5.best dressing is
q.6.toxin mediated dz of staph.aureus
q.7.preservative used for testicular biopsy incase of infertility
8.a patient of 2wks age having non bilous vomitting after each feeding. which is d cz?
.9.FNAC is not useful in
q.10.factor 8 synthesize from

Special thanks to: Dr Tareq

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