courtesy: dr. z f Z.f. Akhi , RMC 49 Lesser sac,derivatives of 2nd pharyngeal arch,pectinate line, complication of total thyroidectomy,total ileictomy structure cutting during lumber incission to reach kidney … *regarding deltoid muscle *psoas major *axillary nerve injury *investigations done before breast surgery *thoracic duct *abdominal fasciaki *flexor of wrist […]

courtesy : dr. Taslima Zannat, RMC 49 *causes of increased ALT after 10 days of birth *increased indirect bilirubin, direct bilirubin normal, urinary bilirubin absent, what’s your probable diagnosis? *Blood coagulation inhibited by *peripheral artery dilated by * sensations transmit by antero-lateral column of spinal cord *furosemide diuretics- *joint position […]

Paper 1 Questions goblet cell- charecteristics PPI – charecteristics acute liver failure kore amon drugs acute liver failure complications cauda equina syndrome regarding stomach coeliac trunk branches, supplying organs primary headache syndrome 6tar nam BBB ke form kore drugs passing easily BBB Regarding MS iron absorption mechanism clinical audit loops […]

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Platform is a non-profit voluntary group of Bangladeshi doctors, medical and dental students, working to preserve doctors right and help them about career and other sectors by bringing out the positives, prospects & opportunities regarding health sector. It is a voluntary effort to build a positive Bangladesh by improving our health sector and motivating the doctors through positive thinking and doing. Platform started its journey on September 26, 2013.

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