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July 12, 2015 1:40 pm


Paper 1
goblet cell- charecteristics
PPI – charecteristics
acute liver failure kore amon drugs
acute liver failure complications
cauda equina syndrome
regarding stomach
coeliac trunk branches, supplying organs
primary headache syndrome 6tar nam
BBB ke form kore
drugs passing easily BBB
Regarding MS
iron absorption mechanism
clinical audit loops
barriers of communication
low resource care niye ekta q
relative anemia
10-30 week e blood production kon organ
theke hoy
ionising radiation ki ki kore
heat stroke features
lung related paraneoplastic ds
features of anaplasia
clinical neurology theke 3 ta q, lesion,
syndrome related
liver biopsyr somoi ki pierce kore ( biopsy
related q tahader boroi posondo, por por duibar
regarding passive transport
first part duodenum relation
1.which is not a part of basal ganglia,
2.30 yr woman with SLE,after 7 days becomes
icteric, abdominal pain,ds associated with? ,
3.which is the best clinical evidence,
4.vermis of cerebellum lesione ki body function
affected hoy,
5.DNA replication kon phase e hoy cell cycle er,
6.ekta clinical scenery chilo answer hobe SBP,
(mane sbp presentation diye q sajano hoisilo)
7.investigation in case of spinal cord lesion due
to early metastasis deposit,
8.a women with gum bleeding, aro kichu
charecteristics silo mone nai- answer hbe
promyelocytic leukemia,
9.which is an autosomal reccessive ds?
FCPS Medicine Part 1, July 2015 paper 2
RCT includes which ?
chi square test characteristics
positively skewed distribution curve
normal distribution curve
lithium toxicity
methanol poisoning features
OPC poisoning
PUVA characteristics
Vit B 12 deficiency related neurological
psoriasis features (Davidson box)
nail bed is formed by ?
uncontrolled diabetes causes ?
amino acid related to TCA cycle
Hashimoto thyroiditis
acromegaly features
regarding JVP
hemodynamic effects of respiration
ejection systolic murmer causes
osmoreceptors characteristics
causes of irregular/ regular pulse
factors increasing GH secretion
peripheral resistance depends on
Venous Retun depends on- factors
1.main hormone secreted by ovary ( estrone,
2.best correlation method
3.drug causing acute dystonia
4.which is a component of abnormal grief
5.maximum amount of blood flow in 100 g of
tissue( brain ,kidney, liver)
6.dead cells present in which layer of skin
7 . aldosterone hypersecretion causes increase
in which volume( interstitial fluid, csf, urine,
intra ocular fluid ) (look options carefully)
8.which is not a feature of pericardial
temponade ? ( breathlessness, soft heart sound
s1 with 4th heart sound)
FCPS Medicine part 1 july 2015 paper 3
questions –
HIV binds with which CD 4 bearing cells
regarding killed vaccine
alveolar macrophages function
dorsal respiratory neurons – functions,chara
medial surface of lung related to ?
causes of type 2 respiratory failure
signs of CO2 retention
drugs triggering asthma
regarding culture media ( kon media kothay use
kora hoy+ aro kichu simple features)
smooth muscle relaxation kara kore (ach,
protozoal cause of gastroenteritis
tick bite mediated ds.
live viral vaccine
warning sign of dengue
genital ulcer caused by which organisms
Ebola ds- stages , kon stage e ki hoy
organisms causing dementia
hormone causing Na absorption
regarding met acidosis
limitations of eGFR
renal biopsy indications
polyuria causes
AKI causes
regarding ageing
Renal blood flow ki ki diye bare
urate crystals
musculoskeletal system development
regarding RA ( B cells produce cytokine and
auto antibodies, smoking is a risk factor)
Methotrexate – indications ,contraindications
which complement level is low in SLE
W.bancrofti vector
regarding leptospirosis
Genu Varus
1.xray feature of RA
2 . physical function during respiration
3.30 yr man going to Congo,prophylaxis fr
4 . regarding Chikungunya
5.why venous thrombosis in NS
6.Root value of lung- thoracic vertebrae level
7.factors increasing renal stone formation
8 . regarding infuenza
9.animals are not reservoir in which ds ?
10.which increases Ca excretion of Ca of body

courtesy : Dr.Jahid Hasan Shovon

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