FCPS 1. (Pedi) july 15 Question Topics paper 2,3

courtesy : dr. Taslima Zannat, RMC 49

*causes of increased ALT after 10 days of birth *increased indirect bilirubin, direct bilirubin normal, urinary bilirubin absent, what’s your probable diagnosis? *Blood coagulation inhibited by *peripheral artery dilated by * sensations transmit by antero-lateral column of spinal cord *furosemide diuretics- *joint position sensation in right leg lost ,possible injury in- *regarding Vit-C *Substances mostly absorbed from terminal part of ileum are- *stimulation to Auer Bach’s plexus causes- *septum scandium results in- *effect of norepinephrine *coomb’s test positive in- *features of apoptosis- *regarding compliments- *blood transfusion reaction is which type of hypersensitivity reaction- *properties of Ig- *features of type-ii hypersensitivitry *essential component of bacteria- *vertically transmitted virus *life threatening condition occurs after spleenectomy by which- *diseases causes by EBV- *regarding Ebola virus- Gold standard tool for diagnosis of HIV- *Innate immunity provides by- *after immunization with tetanus,functions of antibody- *regarding leishmania donovani *Insulin- *reversible cell injury examples- *cellular adaptation- *following which are examples of hormonal hyperplasia_ *sources of erythropoietin- *developmental milestone- *beta-lactum drugs- *factor causes decreased GFR- *What happens immediately after birth- *bronchial smooth muscle contracts by- *regarding tetracycline- * regarding radiology (causes harmful effect at which gestational age) *glucose-6-phosphatase deficiency – *ketone body used as fuel by- *deficiency of Vit-B12 causes- *causes of decresed MCV in anemia of child – *regarding vit B- *Insulin secretion decreased by- *decreased vit D causes- *regarding Parathyroid hormone.

Thanks To Dr Tarek

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