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August 28, 2015 1:04 am


The word pain derives from ‘Poena’ (Latin) means ‘Penalty.’ In ancient Greece pain was considered as ‘God’s punishment.’ Time – the old Gypsy man boarded his caravan from ancient age to this era of cyber technology. But still people did not get rid of pain. Moreover gazette depended modern sedentary life style make us less prone to physical exercise. Those inversely make us more vulnerable to pain. Prolong computer activities; desktop work, obesity, stressful life etc lead us to suffer from either headache today or back pain tomorrow. In a data it is found that 1 out of every 3 Bangladeshis’ are suffering from pain.

Keeping all these facts in mind a company named eClinicare Ltd. for the first time in Bangladesh launched BCR Therapy. They pioneered the concept of BCR Pain & Wellness Centre in Dhaka. BCR Therapy is a Cybernetic – Pain Management Technology.

What is BCR Therapy?
BCR denotes Biological Cell-Regulation. BCR Therapy is a patented German technology with ISO & EU certification. So that you welcome pain relief. Suppose someone has slipped disc. BCR doesn’t claim it will replace the disc in proper intervertebral position as surgery do. BCR Therapy will relief the pain by decreasing local cellular inflammation.

Why shall I take BCR Therapy?
Fast relief of pain
It is painless treatment
It has no side effects.
No pain killers. So your kidney, liver are safe.

BCR Therapy has micro chips based intelligence to measure your effected area’s cellular condition by its Cybernetic Technology.
It is non invasive. No risk of hepatitis, HIV etc ( As you are not introducing anything inside the body)
Just have a quick recap how many pain killers & anti acidity medicine you are taking in a week!!! How much that costing in terms of your time, energy, money by trading loses of productivity, physical, emotional & financial burden?

How BCR Therapy works?
It produces a replica energy equivalent to body’s natural energy (600 Micro Amp). This Micro current based energy reduces inflammation & increases cell regeneration almost instantly by boosting up ATP formation. Micro current increases ATP production almost 500%, protein synthesis 73% & membrane transport 40%. Thus it quickens the reduction & speedy recovery of the pain.

Indications of BCR Therapy:
Slipped disc/ Disc Prolapsed /Syatica/ Frozen shoulder/ Any type of joint pain/ Arthritis/ Back Pain / Bursitis / Carpal Tunnel syndrome / tennis elbow /Fibromyalgia / Gout / Headache / Migraine/ Ligament or tendon injury/ Stroke recovery/ Parkinsonism

Do I need BCR Therapy?
The beauty of BCR Therapy is, it is you who will decide that do you need BCR Therapy or not. After the 1st days treatment you will be able to understand whether you need it or not.

Dr. Sunjida Shahriah
Managing Director
BCR Pain & Wellness Center
First floor , House # 104, Road# Park Road, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206
Hotline: 01611144447; email: [email protected]

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