There are lots of major & minor risk factors of cardiovascular disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, lack of exercise, poor diet, stress etc, But, recent research shows that sleep disturbances are responsible for heart attack as well as stroke in men.

“Sleep is not a trivial issue. In our study, it was associated with double the risk of heart attack & up to four times the risk of stroke” – said Professor Valery Gafarov of the World Health Organization (WHO)

The research was part of the WHO programme ‘MONICA’ (Multinational monitoring of trends & determinants in cardiovascular disease). The study included 657 men aged 25 to 64 years with no history of heart attack, stroke or diabetes. For 14 years examining a possible link has been found between sleep habits & the risk for developing a heart attack in later years.
The research found that 63% of those who suffered from heart attacks also had a sleep disorder which involved poor, bad or very bad sleep.

Men with a sleeping disorders also has a risk of MI that is 2 to 2.6 times higher & a stroke risk that is 1.5 to 4 times higher than those without sleeping disorders.

Reference: Inquisitr, The economic time, Wikipedia

Writter: Tamanna Tanjin Puffin (Medical College For Women, Uttara)
Composer: Dr. Sheikh Ahmedul Haque

Sleeping Man Holding Cell Phone
Sleeping Man Holding Cell Phone

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