Hand washing campaign: an effort by PHFBD

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Handwashing is one of the most important factors in controlling the spread of micro-organisms and in preventing the development of infections. 27% infectious disease can be prevented only by proper hand washing. It’s a message worth repeating : hand washing is by far the best way to prevent germs from spreading and to keep people from getting sick.

Public Health Foundation of Bangladesh (PHFBD) is committed to build a healthy nation. Just like previous year PHFBD conducted a successful campaign on ‘Health Education & Hand Washing practice’ in Kamargaon Ideal High School, Sreenagar, Munshigonj, on 21 March, 2015. Around 450 students participated in that campaign. Prof. Dr. Muzaherul Hoque, founder and president of PHFBD inaugurated the campaign. Dr. Hoque along with principal of that high school briefly discussed about the importance of hand washing. After that health education session students enjoyed a video clips themed on importance of hand washing. Students were delighted to watch their favourite cartoon characters in that video show.

Ms. Halima Khatun and Dr. Sifat Rahman, member of PHFBD nicely demonstrated the steps, common mistakes of hand washing and also adverse impact of improper hand washing technique. Students were enlightened by their friendly presentation. The most interesting session was ‘practice session’ of proper hand washing of the students. Nayim Uddin, Shwe Shwe Marma, volunteer of PHFBD conducted this session. Every student took part in this practical test and they were monitored strictly so that steps of hand washing were perfectly done by them.

Students were encouraged to teach this technique their friends, family members and neighbours. Undoubtedly the technique they learned, would help them throughout their life to be free from infectious diseases.’Shastho apnar, surokkhar dayitto apnar’ it was motto of this campaign.

report made by Dr. Sifat Rahman, member of phfbd

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