Dentistry Career in Newzealand

In case of Clinical practise must have to pass the licensing exam : NZDREX exam.

A Bangladeshi BDS degree is not valid directly over in New Zealand. So in order to register with the dental council of new zealand one needs to clear their qualifying exam . The exam is called NewZealand Dentist Registration Examination(NZDREX).

Applicants with non-prescribed qualifications may apply to enter the NewZealand Dentist Registration
Examinations(NZDREX) pathway.The NZDREX comprises two components:Written Examination & Clinical Examination

Examination period and attemptsYou have three years from the date of first sitting the written examination, and amaximum of three attempts in total to pass both the written and clinical parts of the examination.

Ø In NewZealand, there are three types of
dental registration.(1) Registration as Dentist (2)Registration as a Specialist (3)Temporary Registration.
First two types of registration allows to
practice or work without any limitation.
Temporary registration enables quick entry into NewZealand without examination. But it has restrictions and is more difficult than other types. ‪#‎A‬ Registration as a Dentist.This type of registration enables a dentist to practice in New Zealand without supervision. You must gain Registration as
a Dentist before you can apply for Registration as a specialist. ‪#‎B‬ Registration as a Specialist::.After
gaining Registration as a Dentist, you can apply for Registration as a Specialist in a branch of dentistry.
You must satisfy the council that you have the appropriate qualifications,training and
experience to justify Registration as a Specialist. ‪#‎CTemporary‬ Registration.This is limited to one year.
In some circumstances, Council may extend Temporary Registration one more year to a maximum of two years.

The Written Examination is generally held twice
a year in Auckland, Wellington, and Dunedin.The Written Examination consists of two papers:Paper
1:is 3 hours assesses your knowledge and
understanding of the scientific basis of
contemporary clinical dentistry and how to apply that knowledge. In this paper some questions may require you to demonstrate an ability to analyse and evaluate current knowledge.includes essay and
short-answer questionsYou should note the difference between the following three terms frequently used in the examination:Discuss: examine by argument. Involves logical critical
appraisal of an issue.Describe: description of
characteristicsWrite (brief) notes on: short
sentences or phrases. Tables, lists and/or diagrams
maybe used.The last two terms are often used in questions that enable you to demonstrate your breadth of knowledge.Paper 2is three hours includes
1 hour of 50 MCQs includes 2 hours of visual material in the form of images illustrating clinical conditions and questions requiring short written

The examination fee is set to cover costs and may
vary between specialist examinations. The exact amount of the fee will be advised to candidates once the examination date has been set, but you should be aware that the fee will be in the range of
$NZ 3000- 7000. This reduces if more than one candidate is sitting the examination at any one
[ in case of clinical sector ] Thank you

Author- Jahid Hasan

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