Public Health and Informatics at Jahangirnagar University

In 2011 Dr. Sharif Enamul Kabir took the responsibility to open a department named Public Health and Informatics at Undergraduate level in JU. Norway govt. donated 100000 dollars to construct a new building for the public health dept. This way, dept. of Public Health and Informatics in JU became the 1st platform in BD where the study on Public Health was launched on the Undergraduate level. I am the student of 2nd batch of this dept. After completion of my BSc and MS on public health from Jahangirnagar University, I have started my Ph.D. on Epidemiology at the school of Public and Community Health Sciences in the University of Montana, USA getting full tuition waiver and around 28000$ stipend( as an RA).

Cost:- In JU you need no tuition fee or any charges to study. You can get yearly one-time stipend if your result is in 50% according to the rank.

Employment of former students:- 6 of the students are working in icddr,b form 1st and 2nd batch, 1 got commonwealth scholarship for Ph.D. program, I am on the Ph.D. program in the USA, 3 students are in Germany, UK, and Australia for their MPH degree getting the stipend. Some of the other students are working on some of the public health projects.

Dr. Abdur Rahman sir was our first chairman of this Dept. who was the Director of NIPSOM for a long time.

Dr. Tajuddin Sikder is our present chairman .

Those people who are planning to pave their career only on Public Health and complete his/her undergraduate+MS on Public Health, DPHI in JU is a great place for them.

Writer: Zahid Hasan tuhin

PhD student and Research Assistant on Epidemiology, School of Public and Community Health Sciences, University of Montana, USA.

Former MS and Undergrad student on Public Health and Informatics, Jahangirnagar University.


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