CUCUMBER The Healthiest Food

In this Ramadan, in the hot summer, feel fresh with some cucumbers in Iftar. After knowing its benefit, you are going to love it….

1. Cucumber is a high water content vegetable, 96% of it is water!! It can hydrate you twice as a glass of water!!!
2. Cucumber is rich in vitamins– A, B,C,K.
3. Minerals in it are– manganese, potassium, copper, molybdenum.
4. Antioxidant properties– derived from antioxidant vitamins A,C,K and manganese.
5. Antiinflammatory properties– it inhibits pro inflammatory enzymes.
6. Anticancer property– still under research but, as far known, it prevents breast, uterine, ovarian and prostate cancer.
7. Maintains digestive health & healthy weight as it contains very low calorie and lots of fibres.
8. Reduces bad cholesterol.
9. Even if you use it on skin, it lessens sunburn.
So, Love it, Eat it….

Written By: Dr. Azmiree Binte Aslam
Edited By: Banaful

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