Career in Dermatology and Venereology in Bangladesh

Career in Dermatology and Venereology in Bangladesh:

positive facts:
– large field available
– no night duty( for girls)
-not so much emergency (compared with medicine)
-big opportunity to do surgical intervention
-new treatments are yet not available, so you can start it
– new branches are awaiting

negative facts:
– no satisfaction with out intervention
– costly treatment, most of our people are not interested
-less patient
– less places to have job, as, post are less in both govt and private hospitals. medical officer posts are sometimes occupied by nonderma people
– frustrating environment in some places..
– other entity will give inferiority impact.

Options available:

Fcps: Totally different entity. We have little idea about dermatology during MBBS. Its actually nothing.Text books of dermatology should be read detail here for part one along with basic subjects and with some medicine. Because some diseases are fallen in both entity.
training: 3 years( 1 year medicine+2 year skin)
course:1 year

Fcps part 1:
Andrews Diseases of skin
Moschella skin anatomy
Skin biology
Selim Reza histology
General Patho Robins
Physiology as ur wish Ganong or vision
pharmacology Wulberton or any guide
Micro review
Biochem any guide
Datta abdomen

MD and Ddv: MD residency as like other branches of medicine.
Ddv, Never underestimate. awesome post graduation. Teachers will teach and treat you like their own babies. Exams and training is awesome. Another positive point is, in 2 years (1 year training+1 year course) Andrew will be in your control. 6 month training is counted in Fcps also.
MD or DDV preparation
Impulse or matrix

Micro Lange review
Parasitology kd chatergy
Patho Robins
Anatomy BD
Selim Reza histology
Pharma guide
Physio Ganong or Gyton

Best Wishes for all.

Dr Azmiree Binte Aslam

ডক্টরস ডেস্ক

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