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In last five years I have received so many email and Facebook SMS. Doctors from Bangladesh are asking about Australia. I tried my best to give correct information as possible as I can. Lately seeing more questions so I have felt I should write something about it.
First of all there are jobs for doctors in Australia and there will be but you have to understand the facts and figures about Australia. I am going to make it by giving answers following the most common questions I was asked .See the questions and assess your position to think where you are and what you want to do.

Q1. I am a fourth year medical student,I am thinking about Australia.what to do?
A1. You shouldn’t think about it now, not at all.your job is to do the best study you can,make yourself a confident and brilliant doctor.

Q2. I have passed my final prof exam,can I apply for internship in Australia?
A2. You can apply but they will not accept even though you have got the AMC certificate unless you are an Australian citizen or graduated from English speaking country.some very rare examples have happened to those who were already in Australia.

Q3. I have done my internship,can I apply for a job as RMO/EMO/HMO/Asst Registrar?
A3. You can apply but they will not accept your application even though you pass AMC.Rare examples are happening if you are already in Australia.

Q4. I am planning to work independently as a GP ,what to do?
A4.This is the only best way to try if you do have 7 years clinical work experience and at least 4 years in family medicine or you are a fellow /MD in internal medicine,your chance is higher. You need to pass AMC part one then IELTS 7 in all brands and you can apply for Job,if you have any job offer,you will be able to submit your application for registration and then medical board will invite you for PESCI exam conducted by Royal Australian college of General practitioner if you pass you will have a limited registration for 3 years and by this time if you pass AMC clinical you will have general registration and then if you want to be a specialist in family medicine you have to pass three stages (AKT KFP OSCE) fellowship exam.

Q5. I am a gynaecologist/surgeon/cardiologist and I am looking for jobs in Australia.what to do?
A5. First of all you have to assess and verify your skills and qualification with respective fellow college in Australia and AMC .If you have recognition then you can proceed for application.Remember you still need to pass AMC exam and IELTs 7 in all brands.If you have advanced training in Australia/USA/U.K.,your chance is high.

Q6. I want to come as a student for MPH/Others,what to do?
A6. You contact with the individual university but I will say this is very expensive and to get a residency visa in Australia is uncertain as well.Job prospect is poor,better if you can manage a PhD course with common wealth funds.

Q7. I am not looking for any position to work as a doctor,I will give up my profession,I just want to come Australia,what to do?
A7. I don’t know,please don’t ask me this question .you can contact with immigration department or migration agent.

Final words: We know, Working as a doctor is hard in every where in the world, you are doing the most beautiful and sensitive work in this earth. Please try to realise this all about our inner peace and hard work will make us happy not a job not a country. Take care.

Written By:
Dr. Shamsul Alam (SOMC 35th)
GP, Australia.

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