FCPS January 2015, Part-1, Medicine Questions

FCPS Part-1 examinee for January ‘2015:
Medicine 1531;
surgery 767;gyne&obs 660;paedi
450;dentistry 180;ophthalmo 112;ENT
142;anaesthesio 123
;skinVD 76;radiology
radiotherapy 27;psychiatry 16;haemato
26;biochemistry 7;
microbiology 15;histopath
18;physical med 26;
family med 1 :
Collected by: Dr. Razu Ahmed

Single best Ans (Medicine)

Single best ans- 1.most common hormone that helps absorptn of glucose from gut
2.inevitable feature of near drowning
3.most unlikely feature of seizure -ans rapid recovery
4.most widely distributed (?) excitatory neurotrnsmtr
5.phenotype female,webbed neck,amenorrhoea chromosomal pattern ?
6.cns developed from ?
7.most radiosensitive phase of cell cycle?
8.poor prognostic feature of multiple myeloma?

1.Hormones that stimulate pancreatic secretn
2.lymph nodes frm liver may directly enter into ?
3.kariotyping done from following cell?
4.LMW heparin is beneficial from UFH.how?
5.plummer vinson disease criteria .
6.autusmal recessive diseases.
7.extra pyramidal system components?
8.22nd davidson 15 page 1.15 box.
9.clinical ethics key principle.
10.MAO inhibitors.
11.pupil dilating drugs-atropine,achtylchlne,ARBs,BZDs,amitrptyine?
12.air travellers are in increased risk of DVT, why?
13.coeliac disease tTG related questions. Short bowel syndrom consequnce.
14.excitatory NTs.
15.IBD xtra intestinal c/f.
16.chronic hepatitis enzyme levels.
17.kupffer cell origin, functions.
18.juvenile CGL.
19.RNA structre.
20.fanconi’s anaemia charecteristics.
21.sinusoidal cause of portal HTN. 2
2.heriditary spherocytosis.
23.auto immune hemolytic anaemia.warm cold abs.
24.paroxysmal n. Hemglubinuria -IgM or G?
25.single best-most imp criteria of UMNL
26.CEA level to diagnose which cancers.
27.turner syndrome c/f.
28.brain blood supply regulated by what?02/co2/glucose/ca.
29.GLP 1 secreted from where,functn ki.
30.dr pt relation.
31.hand sign of CLD.
32.basal ganglia-component,functn,abnrmality etc etc.
33.autonomic function cranial nerves?accesry/facial/glsphryngeal/olfactry/occulomotor.
34.lumber puncture contraindicatn-SAH/Idiopathic malignt HTN/aspirin therapy/raised ICP/DIC ??
35.single best-most imp stimulation of oesophageal peristalsis ?
36.gut hormne(?) -epi/nor epi/dopamine/gaba/cAMP ??
37.speech production .

Collected By Dr Mehnaz Mir

(Update coming)

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