Training Executive Officer Wanted!

Detailed Job Description

Job title: Training Executive Officer Doctors

Reporting to: HR Officer

Salary: 26K+

Hours: 8:45am-5:00pm

Location: Tejgoan I/A, Dhaka

Responsibilities& duties

The preliminary duty of the officer will be to train the medical promotion officers about the drugs of that pharmaceutical corporation. He also has to acquire knowledge of current pharmacopeia.

Academic & trades qualifications

Essential qualifications

  • MBBS
  • Male

Work experience & skills

Essential experience

  • Initially not required

Desirable qualifications

  • The officer must to serve for at least 1/2 years.

Personal qualities &behavioural traits

Essential qualities or behaviours

  • Well mannered

Desirable qualities or behaviours

  • Young
  • Energetic


Details of relationships relevant to this role

  • This position will trained by the General Manager with ongoing support and supervision

Performance review period: Every three months

Next review date:

Within two weeks

*** Interested persons are requested to call @01771232791

 Prepared By: Dr. Sheikh Ahmedul Haque

ডক্টরস ডেস্ক

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