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From the childhood, we start thinking. We think about many questions, what is it? Why is it? Why it’s not like that?  When a child mind grows up, it knows many rules, knows many bindings, copes up with usual and stop thinking.
But some of them still explore, travel ever time to time, search and search again. They search the answers of questions, the information still not known, the knowledge still not recognized and ultimately find out new discoveries and create new inventions. They are the builder of knowledge resources, the architect of the scientific world.

Sometimes, you may have some health science related questions those answers are not available. It’s needed to conduct a research to find answers.
Sometimes, few problems bother us, but we don’t know the cause, nor the solve. Research is needed to find the causes, the risks, the patterns, and the solves of the problems. It is conducted to know the unknown information, the answers of curious questions.
For example, how the bacteria grow; which antibiotic acts best against bacteria; which people commits suicide most and why; which diseases bother mankind of every corner of the world; which side effect people have to face most due to drug intake; which is the common histological pattern of all cancers; which toxic substance people have to face most and why; which drug combination acts best to treat this disease etcetc etc.

Just get a question, make a topic to research that is really unidentified and required to know. The best research ideas will be appreciated and called for final contest.

Video Instruction:

General instructions:
1. Just Get a research topic/idea/question
2. Write down in a presentable format: What, Where, Who, When, Why. Try to cover all these five questions. (A format is given in the next page)
3. Word limit: 250 words
4. Make a Doc/Docx/PDF file
5. Put your name, year of study, institution and contact number below of the file page
6. Send the file to
[email protected] from your personal email.
7. Wow, it is done!!

*** Regularly check your email for feedback
Last Date of Submission December 1st , 2014

In the next page, you will find a sample of the idea, and many more sample topics.



Sample Format:

What: Depression status of medical students

Where: In medical colleges of Bangladesh

Who: 1st year to 5th year MBBS students, male and female.

When: For three months

Why: Depression is significant among the medical students and sometimes it leads to severe insomnia, sleeping tendency, lack of class attendance etc. In advanced condition, it may cause suicidal tendency too. I have found many students around me who are chronic depressed and having disturbance in their life style. I saw many friends who wanted to commit suicide at various stages of their educational life and I was not different from it. Medical students are future doctors and forthcoming leaders of health sectors. We need to assess the depression status of them to make it a focus of concern for the educational policy makers.

Sample Topics:
Pattern of insomnia among medical students
Prevalence of smoking among the medical students
Cardio-vascular disease pattern among sedentary workers
Pattern of antibiotic resistance in hospital patients
Assessment of knowledge of health workers regarding basic life support
Prevalence of HIV and syphilis among sex workers of Bangladesh
Attitudes of medical students to mental illness
Assessment of hygiene maintenance of Street food makers
Risk assessment of Bangladesh  for  Ebola virus attack
Health care services in slums
Prevalence and side effects of energy drinks consumptions
Risk and Rate of microbial contamination in hospitals
Cause of tobacco use among office workers/village workers
Treatment facilities for emergency patients in urban and rural areas
Common occupational hazards faced by the surgeons
Long term health impact of liberation war in Bangladesh
It is requested to follow these samples, but do not copy them.
You may have plenty of ideas. Just choose the best one, put in the format and send to us.
Selected persons will be the member of first undergrads medical research wing in Bangladesh and will be trained and guided to have a leading career profile in future.

Best Wishes!!!
Platform Research Wing!!

***** For further inquiry,
Tonmoy Shekhor Biswas (as in facebook)
Project co-ordinator, Platform research wing
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +8801742376777


Download This: Research Idea Contest- Instructions and Sample File

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