FCPS January 2015 Part-1, Medicine Paper-2 Questions

1 hypocalcemia cause,
2 primary hypoparathyroidism features,
3 features of addison ds,
4 renin related 1 ques,
5 insulin and glucagon functions:2 single best,
6 hyperthyroid woman with low uptake isotope-dx,starvation phase 1 single best,
7 pt on lithium therapy developed hypertension -suitable anti hypertensiv (single best),
8 amitryptiline overdose features
9 35 yr male mood disorder on lithium therapy developed HTN, which anti HTN drug will cause no drug interaction? poison effectively eliminated by hemodialysis?
10 50 year old male on PUVA therapy,which is the most common side effect,
11 most suitable method of sampling technique?(SBA)
12 sampling-non probability types? most important sampling technique(single best).
13 regarding heart rate, baroreceptor mechanism function, right atrium receives blood from,
14 regarding SA node,
15 secondary prevention of MI in a diabetic pt,regarding GTN,
16 secondary triglycerienemia,
17 regarding anatomy of heart,case control study related,
18 features of cholinergic muscarinic poisoning,
19 membrane stabilising anti arrythmic drug(SBA)
20 vasopressin related
21 case control study related option,
22 acidosis with normal lactate level (option-salicylate,carbonmonoxide,cyanide,ethelen glycol,methanol), 23 regarding micronutrients
24 regarding Sheehan syndrome
25 pulsus bisferiens
26 cvs hemodynamics
med 2 2
med 2 1
Photo courtesy : Dr Saimum Reaz

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