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March 14, 2015 10:29 pm


Collected By: dr. Taslima Jannat

Development of heart,
Oesophageal constriction,
Pulse pressure,
Secondary amyloidosis,
Coagulation test,
Coagulative necrosis,
Brain steam death signs,
Tissue fixation,
Osmotic diuresis,
Treatment of hyperkalemia,
Chronic carrier virus,
Metabolic acidosis,
Haemolytic jauno, Haemolytic anemia blood picture,
Leucoerythrocytic blood picture,
Live attenuated vaccine, vaccine preventable disease,
Obstructive lung disease,
X linked disease,
ESR depends on,
Features of raised ICP,
parasite affects liver,
Disease of immune system,
Blood transmissible disease,
In malnutrition treatment starts with,
Stage of tumor,
Sensation pass through posterior column,
Conjugated bilirubin,
Risk of OCP,
Renal function test,
Fat soluble vitamin,
Prolonged prothrombin time,
Antibiotic inhibits protein synthesis,
Acute pancreatitis,
Greater omentum attached with,
If surfectant decrease,
Refractive media of eye,
Cytoplasmic inclusion,
TAG riched lipoprotein,
Physiological jaundice,
Anovulatory cycle,
Proportionate to blood flow,
Cytotoxic drug,
Immunesuppressive drugs,
Endocrine cause of HTN,
Insulin causes,
Food poisoning,
Site of ectopic testis,
Inguinal canal,
Tumor markers,
Anti-HTN drugs in pregnancy,
Irregularly irregular pulse,
Chronic osteomyelitis,
Mononeuritis multiplex,
Peripheral neuropathy,
B12 deficiency

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