GMC to introduce new exam for all medical graduates to practise in the UK



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GMC to introduce new exam for all medical graduates to practise in the UK. All medical graduates will need to take a new exam devised by the GMC to get on to themedical register, the regulator has announced today. The ‘passport to practice’ will be taken by all trainees across the UK, including GPs, who wish to practise in the UK, including both UK graduates and overseas doctors.

The GMC will begin to consider the content of the exam in June 2015 in conjunction with the
Medical Schools Council, Health Education England and Education Scotland as well as doctors, patients, employers and educators among others, though there is no indication as yet to when the exam will begin. It will replace the current Professional & Linguistics Assessment Board (PLAB) exam for international medical graduates, but college exams will remain.


Prepared By: Jahid Hasan

Collected By: Ahmedul Haque Kiron

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