BSMMU has been selected as one of overseas centers of EDAIC exam

Platform News, 9 November 2020, Monday

BSMMU has been selected as one of overseas centers of EDAIC exam.

Dr. Akhtaruzzaman has been chosen as an examinar of 1st part of European Diploma of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care (EDAIC) examination.

Nowadays, Anaesthesiology is the most important part of modern medical science. Anesthesiology has become an integral part of any kind of small or large operation. In continuation of this many doctors want to pursue a career in anaesthesiology. In this context a course called European Diploma of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care (EDAIC) is held every year, in UK consisting 2 parts.

In the 2021, Bangladesh has been chosen by European Society of Anaesthesiology as an overseas center of EDAIC part examination which take place on September 11 in 2021 on a Saturday & online registration will open in March. On the basis of application of Dr. Akm Akhtaruzzaman has been chosen as a host of this prestigious examination by ESA examination committee.

In this year the EDAIC exam authority select Dept. of Anaesthesia, Analgesia & Intensive Care Medicine, BSMMU as one of its overseas center.

Sarif Sahriar

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