Stage Fearness : follow these 14 tricks

Having a stage fear is quite normal. Normally, people get jittery at the thought of public speaking. I have been there. It’s nothing less than an excruciating struggle and the fear is scrutable.

I was fortunate enough to be an active member of a club in my college days. This club helped me overcome my stage fear and taught me how to speak effectively by driving my point across. It helped me immensely. And here, I’m going to share the same points that’ll help you in overcoming your fear.

1. Whatever you’re going to speak, know your material

If you don’t know the topic properly that you’re going to speak on, you’ll end up being nervous on the stage. Know your topic inside out. That indirectly gives you the confidence to speak.

2. Don’t apologize at the start of your speech


Don’t begin your speech by saying ‘Oh sorry! I didn’t have time to prepare’ or ‘Pardon if I do so and so things, I knew about this in the last minute’. NO. It adds a negative impression and the audience will probably lose interest.

3. Unleash the master within, flaunt your passion


You cannot inspire others unless you’re inspired yourself. Mastery forms the foundation of an extraordinary speech. You have a greater chance to influence and persuade your audience because they are listening to you.

4. Tell stories from your personal experience, connect with the audience emotionally


What this does is that it helps them connect and get them on the same page with you. When you share your story, you create an immediate and lasting impression with your audience.

5. Deliver jaw-dropping moments


Your speech should elicit a strong emotional response and it could be joy, fear, shock, surprise…anything.

6. Teach your audience something new, something that they can take home


An extraordinary speech will jolt the audience out of their preconceived notions. It gives them a unique and a different way to look at the world.

7. Favor pictures over text

If you have a power point presentation, add images or statistics. Avoid texts.

8. Know your room


Be familiar with the place in which you’re gonna speak. Arrive early and see the settings.

9. Make eye contact, move on the stage

Don’t just read the content from your sheet. Make eye contact with everyone. Scan the audience. Your eyes shouldn’t be fixed on just one listener. Also, moving on the stage helps a lot. Try not to sit or stand behind the podium or anything.

10. Eliminate fillers, don’t say ahh, umm repeatedly

During our Toastmasters sessions, we had someone who kept a count of the fillers when someone spoke.

It distracts the message. Instead, pause for ten seconds or take a sip of water (yes! that’s why even experienced speakers drink water during their speech).

11. Stick to the time limit


If you’re given one hour to speak, finish your speech in 50 minutes, if you’re given half an hour, finish it in 25 minutes. Respect your audience’s time and finish early.

It also helps to shift gears if your presentation takes an unexpected turn.

12. Don’t be embarrassed if you made a mistake


You don’t have to feel sorry and apologize if you do end up making mistakes. Relax! Because the audience probably didn’t notice it. If you admit it, you’re calling their attention.

13. Practice relentlessly


Practice your speech. Give it time.

14. And last but not the least, gain experience


Participate actively in clubs, or events. Because only if you experience it, you’ll improvise on your speaking skills and gain confidence.

So these are some points that’ll help you to flourish as a speaker. Practice these and make the crowd go WOW!

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Ishrat Jahan Mouri

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