Residency 2015, Surgery প্রশ্নের টপিকসমূহঃ আমার অভিজ্ঞতা

1 position of oesophageal constriction
2 Course of Thoracic Duct
3 Effect of IM injection in infero medial Aspect of gluteal maximus muscle
4 Structure passing Cribriform Fascia
5 Muscle of Scissors Gait 6 Anatomy Of Uterus
7 Nerves of Route Value 2,3,4
8 Enzyme Inhibiting Drugs
9 Absorbable suture
10 Causes of Reactionary hemorrhage
11 Function of Insulin
12 NADPH used in
13 Tumor Marker
14 Disease Caused by Asbestos
15 HLA B27 mediated disease
16 Example of Granulomatous disease
17 Name of Locally Malignant Tumor
18 Tumor with Bony metastasis
19 Drugs inhibiting microbial protein synthesis
20 DNA non enveloped virus
21 Staphylococcal Toxin
22 Slow Viral Disease
23 Haemoflagelletes
24 Causes of Neonatal Meningitis
25 Name of The live vaccine
26 Opportunistic infection in HIV pt
27 Example of Type 3 Hypersensitivity
28 Parasites Causing Anaemia
29 Name of Liver Flukes
30 Anti pseudomonal Drugs

(আংশিক, তৈরি করেছেনশঃ স্বেচ্ছাচারী মানুষ)

ডাঃ তারেক , কার্ডিও থোরাসিক সার্জারি বিভাগ

ডক্টরস ডেস্ক

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