Ramadan Tips for Your Health

1. Eat carbohydrates that gives you energy for long time like rice, potato
2. Eat protein like egg, fish, meat
3. Eat less fat, it can give you indigestion if taken more
4. A glass of milk will be the best thing you can have along with other foods
5. Fiber ( vegetables and fruits) can be eaten
6. Drink water but not so much…. ( daily water intake 8-10 glass, divided as your wish)

Iftar is the meal we eat after day long fast… So, it should be healthy.
1. Start with dates. Its full of energy or you can also start with fresh fruit juice.
2. Then you can have a starter that will prepare your stomach to have more food like some vegetable soup or chicken corn soup.
3. Pray your salat. Its very important and it will also give your body some time to be prepared.
4. The main course should contain carbohydrates, protein, fruits, some fats and good amount of fibres.
5. Drink water, the target is 8 glasses within night by dividing it in 3-4 times.
6. Things to avoid—-
a) Deep fried food like samucha, singara, piaju.
b) High fat containing foods
c) Sweets like chocolate, mithai, gulab jamoon, pestrirs.
d) Caffaine containing food tea, coffee
e) Avoid refined sugar and maida.
7. Foods appreciated—-
a) Carbohydrates like wheat, rice, potato
b) Protein like pulses, been, check pea, lentins
c) Sweets made from milk in home
d) Baked fish, chicken or you can eat baked samucha
e) Vegetables like cucumber, tomato, lettuce
f) Fresh fruits
Wish you would have a Great Ramadan…. 🙂

Written By: Dr. Azmiree Binte Aslam
Edited By: BANAFUL

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