How to study for 2nd prof

Writer: Rafid Ahmed
Since u have to prepare for five subjects, many of u may be confused which subject to start with.

Contrary to popular belief despite being the most benign subject / department pathology often proves to be the grim reaper of second prof, maximam no of students in our day in du used to fail in this subject.

There are two ways of preparing urself for this war.

1. Recommended way: start with the subject ur weakest at. End with ur strongest. A chain is as strong as its weakest link is.

2. Risky way: start with ur strongest one, gain some comfidnc as u finish it, then move on to ur weakest subject. Theres a risk of being stronger in stronger sub and weaker in weaker sub as u may not have ample time in the
end.but I always chose this path as I felt it suited me.

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