How to prepare for MCQ IN FCPS/MD/MS/RESIDENCY exams

• First of all just go through the latest 5 to 10 years MCQs of concerned examination for observation, planning and understanding of their pattern and try to focus on selected high yielding topics.

• Try to focus on 10 years MCQs with explanation and try to revise it for minimum 3 to 5 times (Revision is essential for wider application of your learned knowledge).

• Don’t plan your strategy based on rare and irregular questions amounting to be approx. 5-10 % in any exam.

• Don’t ignore short subjects like Ophthalmology (special attention must be given to this subject for AIIMS exam), Skin, Anesthesia , Radiodiagnosis, Psychiatry, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology and Orthopedics.

• Just try to revise the tables of “Harrison 19 e, Robbins ,Nelson etc and other standard text books newest edition.

• Try to compile high-yield facts of standard text books into your own notes for last moment revision.

• While studying any MCQ or topic, try to imagine all possible “future MCQ” and surely you will find some brand new appearing question in your exam.

• Use individual subject guides judicially:
Use it only for important subjects like
Pathology; Pharmacology; Medicine (read CNS/Endocrinology/Kidney/CVS/ RS etc.) and Surgery.
Use Individual Guide for important topics and chapters try to make short note for last moment revision.

• Develop habit of referring to your standard text books for doubts and controversies.

• Group- discussion is very important :-
a) Make a small group of (3-5 max.) sincere friends for GROUP-DISCUSSION of MCQ and tough topics.
b) Argue for every option (why? What?….this will sharpen your approach to handle concept based MCQ).
c) Spend every day 2-3 hrs. for such discussion.
d) Keep asking question to each other during tea breaks, breakfast time, lunch time and dinner time (Note -this kind of intelligent discussion will raise your standard and rank in exam).

• For diagram based questions:
a) Focus on diagrams related to recently asked MCQs in various exams.
b) Read comments written below the Diagrams since MCQs are often framed on such comments only.
(Note: It will be more effective if you discuss it with your study partner on regular basis )

Revision is key

• First of all identify your reading speed along with understanding for planning of proper revision.

• Try to keep last one and half month for revision.

• Basic focus should be on your own notes (own made/coaching notes etc.)

• Divide your time judicially for solving MCQs and studying theory of your own notes.
For example
First 45 days — every day ,60 % of time for theory (Including revision of few topics) and 40% for MCQs.
Next 25 days —– 70% for MCQs and 30% for theory.
Next 12 to15 days — 80% time for MCQs and 20% for theory.
Final 7 to 8 days—-almost all time for MCQ with regular counter-checking from standard text books.

• Diagram must be seen and revised multiple times from standard text books.
Make a routine to see all the diagrams of one chapter every day.
Pay attention to the lines written below the diagrams which is often frequently asked MCQs.
( NOTE-“Revising these diagrams by discussion with your friends will boost up your page memory”).

• First round of finishing subject may be tedious, lengthy and tiring but don’t give up in second round of revision will take lesser time and time duration will be decreasing with every next round of revision.
(So don’t be panic during first round of revision because next round of revision will take less time)

• Revise your notes in your dull time when you feel down or thought block is hampering your studies. After quick revision you will become positive for next round of effective studies.

• 3 to 4 times of revision will help you to memorize or understand many difficult topics and concepts.

• Multiple cycles (3 to4 times) of revision will open up your brain to correlate many topics for one given MCQ.
• It is very essential to apply your learned concepts in your exam time where you will solve a fresh appearing MCQ with such type of application.

Exam‬ Tips

It is an art to solve many MCQs by reading single fact or concept.
While studying any MCQ orTOPIC, just try to imagine all possible “FUTURE MCQ” and surely you will find some brand new appearing question in your exam which is actually a repeat concept from previously asked topic or MCQ.

B) For Unheard /atypical MCQs:
MCQs with awkward or unheard options, whatever strikes first to brain is mostly right answer.
This trick will help more to them who have read subjects thoroughly and will be helpful only for few “ODD MCQs”.
(NOTE– Our brain has subconscious memory which remembers many odd facts which we just “see passively but don’t memorize” and this will strike first to our mind in exam time and mostly it will be right answer only.)
Develop this skill by writing grand tests.

C) During exam hours:-
Read entire question and all options carefully .Treat them as a new MCQ and solve them with your original thinking and concepts without being biased.
Often they deceptively change the language and answer will be different from previous repeat MCQ.
‪#‎Special‬ attention
• During exam time you may face consecutive tough MCQs initially where you are not able to answer them and start feeling low and down. This time is critical for a student and if you give up you will start losing at this moment, so do not waste time on it (just keep cool !!!!) move to the next MCQ….
• During first half an hour of exam, we all are so tensed and panic that even simple concepts and facts wont’ strike well.
• At this moment; move ahead for simple MCQ and repeats where you are 100% sure ( this will boost up ur morale and confidence!!!)
• This way you will save time and later on when you will be confident enough, you come back tothe same MCQs in the end , now u will be able to solve that MCQ also!!!

Always remember,
“Warrior” is not a winner all the time, he is a person who loses everything in his life, one by one except for his “faith” in his own abilities and he will continue his fight against all the odds irrespective of the unfavorable results, just for the sake of one “belief” that one day he will restore his “pride and honour “..
So friends, be like a warrior and never give up in your life because deepest “wounds of the life” are the most intense motivator of “glorious Victory.

Collected By:
Dr. Tamanna Yesmin
Assistant Professor
Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology
Ad-Din Women’s Medical College Hospital

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