HMO Required at Sahic, Mohakhali

Doctors required for post of Honorary Medical officer from July’2017. Interested candidates are requested to drop their CV.

Place : SAHIC, Mohakhali, Dhaka.( specialized ENT hospital)
Address : Next to ICDDR,B Mohakhali. Behind BCPS.

Facilities :
1) The hospital will provide very affective ENT training for freshly passed doctors, who are interested to have their carrier in ENT.
2) Fulll 3 years training is counted by BCPS for FCPS (ENT).
3) Good working environment, with every chance of learing of various type of ENT surgeries.
4) Honorary will have atleast 16,000 taka salary per month with additional payment for each night duty.
Interested candidates are requested to drop their CV.

Contact: SAHIC, Mohakhali, Dhaka (Beside ICDDR,B & behind BCPS).

Information Courtesy:
Chowdhury Samir Shawkat

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