PDM launches it’s new version: Patient Management Tool

Practical Diagnosis and Management (PDM) is a practical, point-of-care free offline mobile app that offers clinical information on the diagnosis and treatment of most common medical disorders seen in both general practice and hospital settings. PDM is developed by ITmedicus who are the creators of DIMS which is another very popular app among Bangladeshi doctors.

 “Perfect as a quick reference on the hospital wards, in a busy clinic or in a private practice.”


The aim is to bring a rational approach to the patients in terms of management, based on the practical guidelines and widely accepted text books of corresponding subjects. Physician can access this resource anytime, anywhere on their smartphone and tablet. Very handy & useful for general practitioners and intern doctors.


“The PDM app helps healthcare professionals diagnose and treat the patients confidently & efficiently”.


PDM can be your practical guide for diagnosing and treating of most common medical disorders in general practice. For ‘The physician’s pocket reference’ download new version of PDM 1.2 from goggle play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itmedicus.pdm&hl=en

Disease Information arranged Systems & Symptoms

  • Etiology & Pathology
  • Clinical Features & Investigations
  • Management & Prevention
  • Complications & Prognosis
  • D/D linked with topics


Drug Information

  • Specific Drug details for quick reference
  • Different Drug Interactions


Medical Emergency & Clinical Essential topics

  • How to diagnose & treat different emergencies
  • Calculators, Charts & Medical abbreviation
    • BMI & Ideal Body Weight
    • Pediatric Fluid Calculations
    • Immunization schedule
    • Child Growth Charts

    …….and many more!


    Laboratory Reference

    • Different Normal Laboratory Values
    • Useful Relevant Information


    Medical News & Forum

    • Access latest Medical News & Updates
    • Doctor’s Forum for sharing views


    Other Features

    • Quick Key word Search
    • Images in topics
    • Enhanced Table & Flow charts for quicker reference
    • Favorites for bookmarking important entries
    • Feedback portion for User Review
    • Integrated Regular Updates
    • Complete Offline Resources

    ……. And much more

    We  congratulate DIMS authority for publishing upgrade version of PDM.

Ishrat Jahan Mouri

Institution : University dental college Working as feature writer bdnews24.com Memeber at DOridro charity foundation

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