“Platform Organization for Medical & Dental Society” is a non-profitable, non-political, non-government volunteer organization for physicians & medical- dental students of Bangladesh endeavored to provide an open platform for all medical personals; contributing various social causes & provide peer to peer information sharing to enhance medical skills & career.

Medical & Dental Professionals having MBBS or BDS, registered physicians of equivalent qualifications & students at any level can join Platform. Currently Platform has members across the county covering all government & private medical & dental colleges recognized by BMDC.

Medical sector is a challenging profession with multi dimensional occupational hazards. Primary objective of Platform is to create a professional network & sharing information peer basis so that professionals & students have proper guideline to build career. As a part of community responsibility Platform often take stands for Doctors rights or injustice by physical & online movements. Platform also provide free medical-dental camps across the country, give supports to insolvent students to continue their education, provide financial supports to critical ill patients from the community. In greater aspect, Platform works to contribute positive changes is entire health system of the nation.



Platform started as online activist group without any physical existence on 2013. Initially it’s activity was limited to social network. Due to massive response, later it’s been structured as an organization having physical existence & committee with two major volunteer groups enrolled as ‘Platform Admin’ & ‘Platform Activist’.  Today, Platform has around 35,000+ members across the country directly interacting with our organization & network.


Platform of Medical & Dental Society

Platform is a non-profit voluntary group of Bangladeshi doctors, medical and dental students, working to preserve doctors right and help them about career and other sectors by bringing out the positives, prospects & opportunities regarding health sector. It is a voluntary effort to build a positive Bangladesh by improving our health sector and motivating the doctors through positive thinking and doing. Platform started its journey on September 26, 2013.

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